Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Golden State by Stephanie Kegan

Natalie lives in Berkeley with her husband, Eric, and two daughters. She grew up in a well-connected California political family, where she was closest to her brilliant older brother, Bobby. Bobby now lives off the grid, in a cabin in Idaho and isn't in touch with anyone in the family. As someone nicknamed the Cal Bomber is killing and maiming people in the state, Natalie starts to wonder if Bobby might be the perpetrator, based on writings of his and the bomber's that are very similar. Eric encourages her go to the FBI with her suspicions, and she does--getting them to promise to keep her involvement secret. However, they don't and Natalie and her family's lives are thrust into the public eye. The big question becomes whether Bobby is guilty and, if he is, how that will affect his family. Golden State is an emotional story about a family's past and present--and the choices we make and have to accept when things are not in our control. A book to think about even after the last page is turned.

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