Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Story House by Courtney Miller Santo

Lizzie and her step-cousins, Elyse and Isobel, have been like sisters to each other since they were children. Now, all three find themselves floundering as they near thirty. Lizzie, a professional soccer player, has torn her ACL for the third time and worries that she's past her peak. She also has a distant, frosty relationship with her mother, who has kept the identity of Lizzie's father a secret. Elyse, meanwhile, is nursing a broken heart when she learns that her younger sister is marrying Landon, the love of Elyse's life. Isobel is finding the transition from child television star to adulthood difficult, even though she has a possible new career (her father taught her home renovation skills as she was growing up). The "Triplins" find themselves living together in Lizzie's grandmother's quirky-yet-rundown house in Memphis as they try to move to the next phases of their lives. I really loved Santo's first novel, The Roots of the Olive Tree and was hoping that Three Story House would be equally good. Unfortunately, I just didn't connect emotionally as deeply with the characters and story as I did in her debut.

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