Monday, March 24, 2014

Return to Prior's Ford by Evelyn Hood

In this sixth novel in the series, the reader is transported back to the tiny town of Prior's Ford to share in the everyday lives of its inhabitants. The Ralston-Kerrs have been successful in transforming the overgrown gardens of their old estate, Linn Hall, back to its former glory, but should they renovate their home and other buildings to bring even more visitors and income?  While the changes to Tarbethill Farm are positive, Ewan cannot forget the past and Alison's role in the plans. Will he be able to move forward or lose Alison for good? In addition, a new resident--retired professor Malcolm Finlay--provides work for local writer Helen Campbell, but does he have secrets like the past two residents of his home, Thatcher's Cottage? This latest book is a warm-hearted story that transports the reader to life in a small Scottish village.

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