Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson

DCI Alan Banks and his team are investigating the death of Gavin Miller. Down on his luck after being let go for sexual harassment from his professorial post at a local university, Miller is found with 5,000 pounds in his pocket. As the case proceeds, Banks learns that the claims against Miller were false and that Miller was very politically active during college in the early 1970's.  Banks is especially suspicious about a seven minute phone call between Miller and Lady Veronica Chalmers a week before he died.  Lady Chalmers denies knowing Miller, even though someone on Bank's team discovers that they went to university together.  Is there a connection between Miller and Lady Chalmers or is Miller's death related to the erroneous statements made about him?  In Children of the Revolution, Robinson fills his mystery with the step-by-step investigation undertaken by Banks and his team and the interpersonal relationships between them.  It will be published in March.

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