Monday, October 7, 2013

Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French

Mother of three Ruth Lennox is found murdered in her home in what looks like a burglary gone wrong.  DCI Karlsson and his team wonder if the case is that simple.  Meanwhile, psychotherapist Frieda Klein is taking a hiatus from work after the trauma that she suffered in the last book in the series, Tuesday's Gone. Frieda finds her path intersecting with Karlsson's again when she becomes convinced that a memory related by a pseudo-client is actually a sign that a psychopath is on the loose. In Waiting for Wednesday, Nicci French delivers another smacking good read in the Frieda Klein series. The husband and wife author duo further develop the emotionally rich main character and keep the reader racing to the end through the myriad of plot twists.  It will be published in April.

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