Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

It's 1956 in the suburb of Waltham, Massachusetts and twelve-year-old friends Lewis and Jimmy find camaraderie in the fact that they are the only fatherless kids in their neighborhood. Jimmy's older sister, Rose, hangs around with them and nurses a secret crush on Lewis. When Jimmy goes missing one afternoon, the lives of Lewis, Rose, and Lewis's divorced mother, Ava, are altered forever. Lewis and Rose believe that he's still alive and he's always in their thoughts as they get older. Ava's boyfriend, Jake, even comes under scrutiny. He begs Ava to leave town with him, but she refuses. She likes the life she's built for herself in Waltham and dreams of owning the home that she and Lewis rent. Told through the eyes of Lewis, Ava, and Rose, and taking place over a number of years, Is This Tomorrow explores heartache and the progression of these characters who are united by both tragedy and love.

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