Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths

When an old university friend calls Ruth Galloway to inform her that one of their group has died in a fire, her student days come rushing back in her mind.  The victim, Dan Golding, was gorgeous and smart, and Ruth is surprised that he ended up as an archaeology professor like her.  Dan taught at Pendle University, near Blackpool in the north of England.  Thinking of Dan and wishing that they hadn't lost touch, Ruth is stunned to receive a letter from him, in which he asks for Ruth's help with something that he's unearthed on a dig--and confesses that he's afraid.  Spooked by the letter, Ruth asks DCI Harry Nelson to inquire into Dan's death.  When he tells her that Dan was locked in his home from the outside and that the police are speculating that he was murdered, Ruth dwells on him all the more. Soon, the head of the history department at Pendle asks Ruth to come and look at Dan's discovery. She can't resist, despite getting threatening text messages urging her to stay away.  With friend Cathbad along to look after her young daughter Kate, Ruth travels north to uncover what Dan was working on--and maybe even reveal a murderer.  A Dying Fall is the fifth book in the Ruth Galloway series and one of the best.  For readers who enjoy Gail Bowen, because of both authors' attention to the daily lives of the main female character, her family and friends. It will be published next month.

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