Monday, December 24, 2012

The Betrayal of Trust by Susan Hill

Heavy rains and flooding come to the English town of Lafferton,  unearthing skeletal remains of two females.  Expectations are that one is teenager Harriet Lowther, who disappeared from a bus stop over fifteen years ago.  After a positive identification is made, DCS Simon Serrailler pores over all the interviews and casework that was done at the time that Harriet went missing to see what information needs to be looked at more closely.  The identity of the other victim, though, remains a mystery, but investigators can tell that it's a female from Eastern Europe.  Along with the two cases, Simon is preoccupied with a married woman he meets at a party named Rachel.  He is also supporting his sister, Cat, recently widowed with three children. While I enjoyed The Betrayal of Trust, the story focused too much on the issue of euthanasia, a subplot that, at times, threatened to overwhelm the mystery.  Good, but not at the level of the first three books of the Simon Serrailler series, of which The Betrayal of Trust is the sixth.

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