Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

Genevieve has ditched her stressful job in London to live on and remodel a houseboat in Kent.  The reader soon learns that, to quickly raise the money she needed to buy the boat, Genevieve also danced in an exclusive gentlemen's club.  While there, she met a man named Dylan, who asked Genevieve to hold a package for him on her boat for a few months.  She anxiously awaits his call and it's obvious that she has feelings for him.  But when Caddy, a friend from the club, turns up murdered outside her boat after a party, Genevieve begins to worry. Throughout the book, the reader gradually discovers Genevieve's encounters as a dancer and, as her past collides with the present, one wonders if she will find out who's watching her and why they want to do her harm.  While I enjoyed Dark Tide, the book did not have as an engaging a plot as Haynes' first novel, Into the Darkest Corner which was unputdownable.  It will be published in March (its U.K. title is Revenge of the Tide).

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