Sunday, August 5, 2012

Say Nice Things About Detroit by Scott Lasser

Still grieving over the death of his son, lawyer David Halpert decides to move back to Detroit from Denver to help his father as his mother descends into dementia.  His decision coincides with the murder of his high school girlfriend, Natalie, and her African-American half brother, Dirk, who was an FBI agent.  David connects with Natalie's younger sister, Carolyn, who's come back to Detroit because of the tragedy.  They start seeing each other, even though Carolyn is married and lives in Los Angeles.  With the murders unsolved, David and Carolyn have no idea that their connections to Natalie and Dirk might be dangerous.  In the novel, Lasser has written a character-centered story that is quick-moving, yet explores the themes of loss and racism within the backdrop of an evolving Detroit.  I really enjoyed the book and it reminds me of the writing of Stewart O'Nan.

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