Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Intentions by Karin Fossum

Axel and Reilly take their friend Jon, who's on a weekend release from a psychiatric hospital, out for a midnight boat ride on Dead Water. When Jon falls overboard, they decide not to try and save him. They also wait until the next morning to report him missing. Inspector Konrad Sejer and his partner, Jacob Skarre, aren't convinced Jon's death was a suicide, especially when some other evidence comes to light. The book focuses on the lives of Axel and Reilly and why they neglected to help Jon. Bad Intentions, like the other mysteries in the Sejer series, explores the lives of characters involved in a crime whether the perpetrator, bystander, relative or victim. With great economy, Fossum is able to delve into people's psyches completely and chillingly. It will be published in August.

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