Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Isabelle is driving on a foggy day--leaving her husband, Luke, for good--when she hits and kills April, who was standing in the middle of the road. Isabelle is devastated by the accident, but partially relieved by the fact that April's son, Sam, 9, was not seriously injured. April's husband, Charlie, wonders where April was going, so far from home with Sam in the car. Sam, meanwhile, refuses to talk about the accident. Isabelle slowly finds herself unable to stop thinking about Sam and Charlie. Sam sees Isabelle as an angel looking over him. How will Isabelle, Sam, and Charlie find the strength to move on with their lives after this unspeakable tragedy and live with the bond that connects them? In Pictures of You, Caroline Leavitt has written another novel with rich, unforgettable characters. It's been way too long since her last book, Girls in Trouble, was published in 2004. If you enjoy novels about family relationships, give Caroline Leavitt a try.

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Thank you so, so much for this review. I love your blog and I'm just honored to be here.

Caroline Leavitt