Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Stonecutter by Camilla Lackberg

Having recently given birth to her daughter Maja in the small resort town of Fjallbacka, Erica is adjusting to life as a new mother. Her partner Patrik, a police detective, is disturbed by his newest case--the death of Sara, an eight-year-old girl. At first, it looks as if she accidentally drowned but the medical examiner finds evidence that she was murdered. As Patrik delves into Sara's life, he finds that there's no shortage of suspects. The case is complicated by the fact that Erica is a good friend of Sara's mother, Charlotte--bonded by having both recently had children. Alternating with the mystery of Sara's death is the tale (starting in the 1920's) of Agnes, a spoiled rich girl. How is Agnes connected with the present story? Readers will slowly find out... The Stonecutter is the third novel in the Erica/Patrik series. It's similar to the mysteries of Asa Larsson and Johan Theorin.

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