Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeping Time by Stacey McGlynn

Widow Daisy Phillips is being pushed by her son, Dennis, to sell her home and move to a retirement community. Refusing to do so, she decides to travel from her hometown of Liverpool to New York to try and locate a lost love named Michael Baker. Daisy and Michael had fallen in love in 1945 and had planned to marry, but Michael never came back to England to retrieve Daisy and bring her to the U.S. Daisy ends up staying with her American cousin, Elisabeth, and her family. Elisabeth, overworked and tired, finds her life changed by Daisy's presence. Her family, especially her sons, are charmed too. Will Daisy also find her trip worthwhile? While Keeping Time has a delightful story and heroine in the character of Daisy, it deviates to other characters, who, at times, are not that likeable. Their stories unfold kind of awkwardly, making the book not as solid a read as it could have been.

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