Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

Eliza Benedict hasn't really felt that anywhere is home since she was kidnapped at 15 by Walter Bowman and then freed after six weeks. Now an adult, she's a mother of two and happily married to Peter. After several years in London, the family is now back in the states, residing outside Washington D.C. Eliza's quiet life is disrupted when she gets a letter from Walter, now on death row and soon to be executed, wanting to resume contact with her. Desperate to keep her past from her children, Eliza wonders what to do. Since Eliza was Walter's only victim that he let live, she is torn between wanting normalcy and seeking answers for herself and the families of the other girls. It also causes her to immerse herself in memories of that horrific time twenty years ago... I'd Know You Anywhere alternates between the past and present to create a novel that's hard to put down. Lippman is spot-on her portrayals of all the characters and their lives--from Eliza and Walter right down to Eliza's two children. She presents them in all their complexity and allows you to form your own opinions. Don't miss it...

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