Monday, July 12, 2010

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

Birdie is in the middle of planning her older daughter Chess' lavish wedding when Chess calls it off and then abruptly quits her job as an editor at a New York magazine. Worried about her, Birdie gets Chess to agree to spend the whole month of July at the family's summer home on the island of Tuckernuck, off the coast of Nantucket. Birdie's other daughter, Tate, and Birdie's sister, India, decide to come, too. Tuckernuck is a small private island and the house has no electricity or hot water, but the Tate family has embraced its quirks and isolation for generations. The four women plan to relax, getting away from the problems in their respective lives. For India, that means a possible scandal in her job as curator at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. For Birdie, it's missing her new boyfriend, Hank, while his wife is ill with Alzheimer's and for Tate it's her infatuation with the cottage caretaker, Barrett (who expressed an interest in Chess when they were teens). The Island is a trademark Elin Hilderbrand novel, filled with interesting well-off characters and descriptions of their interpersonal relationships evolving in a relaxed summer setting. An absorbing beach read...

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