Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt

Having returned from Iraq after losing his leg, ex-cop Billy Zimmerman has become a thief and has found a good partner in his dog, Milo. One day, Billy is caught in the crossfire of a murder and ends up being arrested for the crime, while Milo runs away with the envelope that the victim was carrying. Paterson, NJ lawyer Andy Carpenter, a dog lover himself, wants to make sure that Milo is taken care of and finds himself protecting Milo and then representing Billy when he's charged with murder. Andy and his team of friends and investigators become embroiled in a case that possibly involves the military and the FBI. They are also putting their own lives in danger... Dog Tags is the latest book in the Andy Carpenter series. While I always like the characters in these books, I found the story didn't hold my attention. Play Dead for me remains the book in the series that all the others will be measured against. Dog Tags will be released in August.

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