Friday, May 21, 2010

The Broken Circle by Shirley Wells

Forensic psychologist Jill Kennedy is making visits to a local prison to interview Claire Lawrence, who was convicted of murdering her own daughter (even though no remains have ever been found). Claire said she wanted to talk to Jill after the authorities have been pressuring her to tell them where her daughter is. Meanwhile, the body of American Bradley Johnson, the owner of Kelton Manor, is found in the woods. Johnson was considered an outsider in the small village of Kelton Bridge and it appears that he was also a blackmailer. DCI Max Trentham heads up that investigation with help from Jill, since she lives in Kelton Bridge. Will Max and Jill's cases end with finding the truth or in frustration? The Broken Circle is the fourth book in this consistently enjoyable series.

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Shirley Wells said...

Thanks so much for that. I'm glad you enjoyed it!