Thursday, April 29, 2010

Silent Auction by Jane K. Cleland

When Josie Prescott arrives at the Whitestones' lighthouse to do an appraisal, she is shocked to discover the body of Frankie Winterelli, the caretaker of the property and her best friend Zoe's nephew. Wondering who could have brutally killed Frankie, Josie agrees to assist the local police because they believe that his death might be connected to antiques that the Whitestones owned, specifically some scrimshaw items. The area of Rocky Point, New Hampshire is filled with antique shops and art galleries and the police have a long list of suspects. Will Josie's expertise help find justice for Frankie? Silent Auction is the fifth book in the Josie Prescott series and contains lots of interesting information about antiques, especially the art of scrimshaw. The mystery also nicely features Josie and her circle of friends and employees.

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