Monday, March 29, 2010

Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

Lawyer Bennie Rosato is kidnapped and buried alive by her identical twin sister, Alice. Alice's aim is to impersonate Bennie at her law firm for a few days while she's waiting for Bennie's millions to be transferred to a bank in the Bahamas. Bennie, however, won't give up her life easily. Will Bennie's colleagues catch on that Alice has taken the place of their boss? Think Twice is the latest book in Scottoline's Rosato and Associates series. The last book in the series, Lady Killer, wasn't that good and suffered from the same problem as this one--a very slight plot. I wonder if Scottoline has run out of good storylines for Bennie, Mary, Judy, and Anne (who isn't in this book at all).

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