Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

Ellen Gleeson's life is changed forever when she glances at the missing persons card that arrived with her mail. A boy on the card named Timothy Braverman looks like he could be her three-year-old son, Will's, twin. Ellen adopted Will after his mother abandoned him in the hospital because he had serious heart problems. Now healthy, Will and Ellen have a tremendous bond, yet the reporter in Ellen knows she must find out more about Timothy's kidnapping and her own adoption of Will. When Ellen finds out that her lawyer for the adoption has committed suicide, her feeling that she will lose Will intensifies. Jeopardizing her job and perhaps her relationship with Will, Ellen continues to investigate, all the while wondering if she'll give him up if she discovers he's Timothy. Departing from her usual legal thrillers, Scottoline has written a novel that's hard to put down. Like her series, it features a strong female main character whom the reader sympathizes with immediately.

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