Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil

When Jo Mackenzie's husband dies in a car crash after telling her he wants a divorce, she figures a change of scenery is what's best for her and her two young sons, Jack and Archie. Jo decides to move to a small seaside town in Kent and take over her grandmother's knitting shop. She also figures some changes would be good for the shop, which she renames McKnits. Concentrating on seasonal window displays, ordering new stock, and starting a weekly "stitch and bitch group" allow Jo to put her talents to good use. Managing the shop, along with taking care of Jack and Archie keep her too busy for romance, although her best friend Ellen (a famous news anchor) insists she should start looking. The Beach Street... is a delightfully cozy novel about one woman's quest to put the sad events of the past behind her and look towards her future surrounded by her family and friends. Jo's adventures continue in Needles and Pearls which hasn't been published in the U.S. yet. Let's hope Hyperion picks it up. People who like Katie Fforde should give this novel a try.


jenclair said...

I really enjoyed this one, too!

Anonymous said...

I also read the first in the series(Beach Street...) and am now in the middle of the second book "Needles and Pearls". I really like this series and I am wondering if she is going to continue with it. The characters are very likable and I enjoy the stories very much so.

Susan said...

I also read it and the second in the series as well. Does anyone know if she plans to continue the series?