Monday, August 25, 2008

The Grift by Debra Ginsberg

Marina Marks has made a living as a psychic since she was a child--forced into the profession by her drug-addicted mother. However, her only true skill was being able to read people's body language in order to make educated guesses. Now, as an adult, she has moved to Southern California from Florida because there will be more people who need and believe in her services. Marina's regular clients include Cooper (who can't get his boyfriend to commit), Madeline (desperately trying to get pregnant with Marina's help), and Eddie (a serial, married womanizer). All three customers rely on Marina tremendously and when she begins to have a social life of her own, they get jealous. Marina's life is also complicated by the fact that she is actually getting the power to see her clients' futures. When Marina's boyfriend is found dead, who could possibly be to blame?

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Citizen Reader said...

Loved this book--but still must admit I prefer Ginsberg's nonfiction, particularly her memoir "Waiting."