Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain

The action in Sweetheart picks up several weeks after the events in Heartsick, Cain's first novel featuring police detective Archie Sheridan, vicious serial killer Gretchen Lowell, and reporter Susan Ward. Archie is called to investigate a homicide in a Portland, Oregon park with his partner Henry Sobol. He's back living with his estranged wife, Debbie and their two young children. He has also stopped visiting Gretchen in prison. Archie, however, is still a shell of a man--he has addictions (to pills and Gretchen) and a death wish. Susan, meanwhile, is trying to break the story of a senator's affair with his underage babysitter. When Susan's mentor and the senator are in a deadly, suspicious car crash, her path and Archie's cross again. Then Gretchen escapes from prison and several lives are in danger (especially Archie's family's and Susan's). Will Archie be able to recapture Gretchen or will her damaged, sick hold over him be his undoing? Also, will Susan and the police be able to uncover who's behind the park killing and the car accident? Sweetheart is a page turner with some gruesome depictions of violence. For people who are looking for a new author who writes about serial killers. The books comes out in September.

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