Monday, April 7, 2008

Turning Tables by Heather and Rose MacDowell

When the marketing company that Erin has been working for goes under, she left with no way to pay her bills. Her father's friend Harold, pulls some strings and get her a waitressing job at Roulette, a very upscale restaurant. Having limited experience waiting tables means that Erin has a lot to learn and the stakes are even higher in an establishment of Roulette's caliber. Add to the mix a chef with a temper and husband-and-wife owners who would love to fire Erin, but can't because of Harold. On the plus side, she's made a friend at work (Cato, a struggling actor) and has the hots for one of the guys in Roulette's kitchen. In addition, Cato insists that Daniel, a regular customer, has eyes for Erin. Will she be able to sort out both her professional and personal lives and find happiness? Turning Tables was a fun read. It's similar to Service Included, although I enjoyed this more.

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