Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Blood Ballad by Rett MacPherson

Torie is bearing the cold weather, participating in New Kassel's first ever bird-watching olympics, when she and her partner, Eleanore, stumble upon a dead body in a trunk. The next day, a man named Glen Morgan comes to see Torie at work with information about her own family tree. He claims that Torie's grandfather was actually the son of Scott Morgan, leader of the musical group the Morgan Family Players who were popular in the 1920's. Soon, it turns out that the body in the trunk might be connected to Torie's new genealogical research. With the approval of Sheriff Mort, Torie helps with the investigation, along with her father-in-law, Mayor Colin Brooke. What kind of long-buried secrets would be worth killing someone over today? As usual, I loved the latest book in this cozy series. MacPherson combines a puzzle with a lively main character who is balancing her life's work of genealogy with being a mom and wife. It's hard to believe that her eldest daughter, Rachel, will be going to college next year.

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Kay said...

I am reading this one right now too. I have loved this series and I don't think it is very well known. I also can't believe that Rachel is going to college? Thanks for the review and I'll post one on my blog when I finish.