Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello, You by Rebecca Gregson

When Maggie's favorite sister, Diana, dies, Maggie begins to reflect upon her childhood. Of the five sisters, Maggie was always on the outside looking in. Diana's deathbed murmurings and a box of mementos left behind by their mother might be the key to Maggie putting her upbringing in the past. Maggie's son, Jamie, is a father at nineteen. He, his girlfriend, Jess, and their son, Ben live with Maggie. There are problems in Jamie's and Jess' relationship, stemming from Jess still wanting to live a single's life and from the couple not having a place of their own. Hello, You features a complicated family leading a complicated life and each member trying to find his or her place in it. For readers of Joanna Trollope.

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