Friday, October 19, 2007

The Memory Game by Nicci French

Architect Jane Martello is working on an addition to her soon-to-be ex-husband's family home when a skeleton is unearthed. The bones turn out to be from her missing sister-in-law and childhood friend, Natalie, who disappeared in her teens, twenty-five years ago. Finally knowing Natalie's whereabouts after all this time has uncovered all sorts of feelings in Jane. She decides to start seeing a therapist. In sessions, Alex Dermot-Brown takes Jane back to that summer of 1969 and Jane wonders if she is suppressing facts about Natalie's death. She also does some investigating on her own interviewing various family members. Will Jane find Natalie's murderer or is her doctor helping implant false memories in her brain? The Memory Game is Nicci French's first novel, finally published in the United States after many of her other books. French's later novels usually feature a woman in jeopardy and are suspenseful. This book is more of a straightforward mystery focusing on who killed Natalie. I did enjoy it and kept turning the pages.

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