Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Godmother by Carrie Adams

Tessa King is the godmother to four of her friend’s children and is wondering if she’ll ever find Mr. Right. While in between jobs, she thinks about her future, especially since she’s been in love with her friend, Ben, for twenty years, but he’s married to someone else. At the same time, Tessa tries to be there for her friends: Francesca and Nick (who are having trouble with her teenage godson, Caspar), Claudia and Al (who have been trying to have a baby for many years), Helen (who has twin baby boys and an awful husband) and lastly, Billy (who is trying to make ends meet and has a sickly child, Cora, another of Tessa’s godchildren). Through her friends’ happiness and tragedies, Tessa finds the strength to do what’s right for herself and possibly be content. The Godmother is not chick-lit; it fits more in with the novels of Joanna Trollope.

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