Saturday, April 7, 2007

True Colours by Sue Haasler

Beth Jackson lives with her teenage son, Danny, and her father, Bill in Last Reach, northern England. Her husband, Martin, died three years ago at sea and now the family is faced with having nowhere to live because their home, situated near a lighthouse, is close to falling into the water. Help comes in the form of former television personality turned politician Gareth Dakers. He offers the family a place to stay in London, mainly because he's trying to drum up voter support in Northlands (where Beth lives). Will London be the right setting for Beth to start anew and maybe find love? Also, is Gareth serious about helping the people of the north or is it all just a power trip? Sue Haasler has written a novel very similar to both Rosamunde and Robin Pilcher. True Colours has not been published in the U.S., but should be available through interlibrary loan at your library.

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Sue Haasler said...

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed reading True Colours, and I'm very flattered to be compared to Rosamunde Pilcher! High praise indeed.

In case you're interested, I have a new book called Better Than the Real Thing available from

Thanks again for mentioning my book!